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Vote as often as you like!

Whether you are choosing Barack Obama or Mitt Romney, we want you to have fun with this election process. That's why Presidential Sushi offers the ability to stuff the ballot box, invite your friends and even share a "Barack n' Roll" or a "Romney Roll" image with your friends from your own camera roll. In case you missed it in the app, just restart the app, slice away and when you reach the final scene, hit the "Send to Camera Roll" button to include the image on your roll. This year's campaign addresses some serious issues, Jobs, Taxes and Women's Health issues are just a few. While Energy and Health Care issues may be a topic of great debate, our commitment to keeping you informed and entertained is irrefutable. We've teamed up with Zazzle to bring you the widest assortment of political satire swag imaginable. Social Security, Medicare and Corporate taxes are no laughing matter. Or are they? Feast your eyes on all the goodies from the diversly creative artists who comprise the Zazzle Marketplace.

Presidential Sushi and Deeper Arts are proud to bring you this selection. We invite you to browse freely, vote freely and play freely and hope that you will return often.

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