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National Security

Obama :

President Obama inherited wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. In December, 2011 the war in Iraq officially ended, after nearly nine years, 4,500 Americans dead, 32,000 wounded, and costing more than $800 billion. America's combat mission in Afghanistan is planned to end by year end 2014. Much of al-Qaeda's senior leadership including Osama bin Laden has been eliminated.

The President passed the START Treaty with Russia to reduce the number of nuclear weapons and allow for U.S. inspections of Russian nuclear sites. He is determined to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons and with China and Russia international sanctions against Iran have been imposed.

He has also banned the use of torture, and signed into law the Returning Heroes and Wounded Warrior Tax Credits to encourage businesses to hire veterans.

Romney :

Mr. Romney would not set a definitive timetable for withdrawal from Afghanistan.

He would reverse defense cuts with a goal of setting core defense spending with a floor of 4% of GDP (approx. $560 billion). He would increase shipbuilding for the Navy, replace aging inventories of the Air Force, Army, and Marines, commit to a robust, multi-layered national ballistic missile defense system, and selectively strengthen our force structure.

Mr. Romney is opposed to Iran developing nuclear weapons and would not take a U.S. military option off the table. He would implement a 5th round of tougher sanctions preferably through the U.N. Security Council, but be willing to take action on our own. He would also push for greater diplomatic isolation of Iran and openly support Iranian opposition.

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