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  • Time Has Run Out Time has Run Out Time has Run Out End war.
  • Recharge this Union Recharge this Union Based upon the presidential seal, this image urges us on to emrace alternative energy as a viable and stimulating part of the economy.
  • Leadership Leadership Captain America is portrayed as a consciencious objector to the war in Iraq in this satirical image where he protects "the enemy".
  • Call Before You Dig Call Before You Dig American Gothic, superhero style.
  • Camel Beats Flash Camel Beats Flash The fastest human alive has been compromised by the effects of second-hand smoke.
  • Keep America Safe Keep America Safe Safety can be defined in many ways, here's one that may not be the first thing to spring to mind but is certainly valid in these modern times.
  • Sunflowers Sunflowers Made from a mixture of household items and candy, these sunflowers bring a whole new meaning to the word recycling.
  • Life Support Life Support Green.
  • Pinecones Pinecones Brown.
  • Sweet Butterfly Sweet Butterfly My daughter, Chloe and my wife, Julie made this one together.
  • Sweet Smile Sweet Smile Julie made this one. My son Jack helped with the Photoshop work.

What Makes Presidential Sushi So Delicious?

A Sushi President is an over-the-top parody of the present-day political process, set in a tea garden with a circus atmosphere. Available on the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, this gamified app engages and entertains the user while delivering an informative and fun insight into the campaigns of each of the two candidates currently running in the 2012 Presidential Race.

The literal translation of Sushi is sour-tasting, an experience that many people share when considering political campaigns in recent decades and a likely contributor to lower voter turnout. The intention behind Presidential Sushi is to provide information about the candidates’ positions on the major issues of the day in a form that citizens may digest.

In A Sushi President, the player slices a sushi role to help their candidate prepare a sushi platter. After every successful slice, the candidate reveals their position on one of ten issues ranging from jobs, taxes, healthcare, energy, etc. Now you can vote, view the current voter tally and compare the candidate’s positions on all issues side by side.

So what you waitin' for? Go ahead, take a slice, cast a vote and if you are a citizen of the United States of America and are of legal voting age, we urge you to exercise your right to vote, not only in the 2012 presidential race but in all elections within this democracy. We at Deeper Arts hope that you find Presidential Sushi to be both entertaining and informative. どうぞめしあがれ Douzo Meshiagare!!! ("Enjoy Your Meal")

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